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Making Crisis Care Kits . . . a Competition


My church hadn't had a NMI president in several years or any kind of organized missions program when I took up the position. CCKs hadn't been something anyone had done in a long time, and since the majority of the (very tiny) church was still new to anything Nazarene, I was essentially starting from scratch. Our first year doing CCKs was done in response to Fawn Grove calling in for more CCKs. My fear was that the project wouldn't pull in as many as it did the first time because it wasn't an emergency situation, and that overall it would stagnate and be ignored.

So I turned it into a competition. The goal was to beat our record of CCKs made the previous year. The reach-for-the-stars goal was to almost triple our previous record. Instead of just asking for more CCK items, I would tell the congregation what items we were behind in. I had a thermostat that kept track of how many CCKs we could make based on the items we had already. I made lists that emphasized which items were needed in order to beat last year.
We did end up going over the goal. The people of the church were very interested in attempting to hit the goal. It was something that that they could all engage in. And it made collecting for it something more tangible and not just a vague collecting of items.

JoyEl Couch
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