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Thank Offering - Make it personal ∙ Make it relevant ∙ Make it priority

Submitted by dgbennett on Thu, 06/01/2017 - 10:31
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Whether we give to the World Evangelism Fund seasonally or through Faith Promise, the success of our efforts can be threatened by redundancy, familiarity, and the lack of urgency. As you prepare for the Thank Offering, make a fresh attempt to:

Make it personal.
Perhaps someone in your congregation has been in another country on a Work & Witness trip. Ask that person to research statistics on the growth of Christianity and other religions in that country, and report to the church. Recruit a military veteran to talk about non-Christian worship he or she observed in other nations during their military service. Does your congregation participate in NCM Child Sponsorship? Let the sponsoring families tell about their child, dominant religions, and culture where the child lives. Relate these personal experiences to the need for the World Evangelism Fund to spread Christianity.

Make it relevant.
In the recent past, we’ve witnessed government unrest, natural disasters, famine all over the world. Report on ways the Church of the Nazarene is working in these areas and how giving in the Thank Offering for World Evangelism will help spread the good news of the Gospel.

Make it priority.
We tend to say important things—things we want them to remember—when bidding good-bye at the end of a visit with a loved one. Remember some of Jesus’ last words to His disciples found in Matthew 28: “Go . . . teach . . . make disciples . . .” Shared at the end of His earthly ministry, these words encourage us to align our priorities with His and make Kingdom-building our goal. The World Evangelism Fund makes going, teaching, and discipling possible.

Peggy Hatter
Southeast U.S.A. Region

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