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Stay At Home Compassionate Ministries Dinner

Submitted by admin on Fri, 03/10/2017 - 01:47
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Make up a "menu" with different entree choices and prices {everything from peanut butter & jelly to lobster dinner for two}. You can actually make 3 menus - one with children's selections, one for the teenagers, and one for the adults - that way all can participate. At the bottom of the menu have a place where the people can "total" their bill and give this amount as their offering. The theme song could be "come and dine". {See menu example below}

(Give this letter out to your congregation with the envelope and tea bag)


Your personal invitation

Today, you are cordially invited to join with other loving Nazarenes in a calorie-free stay at home Dinner for compassionate ministries.

To participate, first "order" the dinner of your choice from the menu enclosed, place your check in the envelope provided and drop it in the offering plate ( or stocking or whatever you are using ) sometime in December.

Then brew yourself a cup of hot tea with the tea bag we have enclosed, sip and enjoy! Relax in the comfort of your home, then pray for all of those less fortunate than you - the ones who the compassionate ministries can help through your generosity.

Without your assistance, the compassionate ministries will not be able to help all of the needy people which it is our duty to minister to. Let's really put our "prayer and fasting” into action this month (we can save those calories!!) And intercede for the salvation of many souls and bodies.

Thanks for "going out to dinner” at home for compassionate ministries. May the lord continue to bless you as you share out of your abundance with others less fortunate than yourself!

Love in Christ, (your name)




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