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Short and Sweet Easter Offering Ideas

Submitted by dgbennett on Wed, 05/31/2017 - 12:45
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Keep It Before the People—This is what helps most in raising World Evangelism Fund (WEF).

Make Your Promotion Personal—Letters/pictures of missionaries, people’s involvement, and attention to details open the hearts of people. For instance, ask three people to tell how they have been touched by a missionary’s life and either video it, put a quote on PowerPoint, or print in your church’s newsletter or bulletin.

Use Statistics—Present a few at a time frequently to increase awareness of world need and NMI involvement. For three weeks in a row, print the number of Nazarene missionaries on PowerPoint or in your newsletter/bulletin. (See the Fast Facts page on the NMI Web site [].) A week later, give a prize to the first one to correctly answer “How many missionaries does the Church of the Nazarene have?” Then give the following explanation, “World Evangelism Fund helps put missionaries in world areas and pays their salaries, among other things.”

Plan to Overpay—Ask the pastor to give a five-minute devotional on fasting. Challenge the audience to take part in prayer and fasting for WEF overpayment. Provide small cards to write the date and meal of the fast as a reminder.

Talk to a Missionary—If the church has the capabilities, arrange for a direct phone or video call with a missionary a week or two before an offering. Alert the missionary to emphasize WEF in the conversation. Be aware of the time of day where that missionary serves.

Ask a Missionary—If a personal call isn’t possible, ask if they will send you a PowerPoint presentation or a short note and photos about how WEF helps them serve as a missionary. Ask your LINKS missionary to write; it will provide a personal touch for your church.

Promote in Many Places—Ask if NMI may have an allotted space to print the WEF (or faith promise) goal, amount raised, and amount remaining in every issue of the church newsletter/bulletin. Suggest the space move slightly, so readers will notice it more readily. An occasional video or PowerPoint reminder will also be effective.

Offerings Should Be Publicized—Print the dates of Thanksgiving and Easter Offerings in every issue of the church newsletter/bulletin at least two months before the offering.

Visit the Nazarene Media Library for Video Resources—The Nazarene Media Library ( has WEF videos in a variety of lengths and languages. Just put “World Evangelism Fund” is the Search window at the top of the page.

Involve All Ages—Encourage teens and children to earn money and donate it to the WEF. Ask Prime Timers to take part. Emphasize to all that they pay what they can afford. The intergenerational aspect will encourage participation.

Get Sunday School Involved—Have classes choose a world area to support in prayer. (The world area list is available on the NMI Web site.) Updates on missionaries and events in world areas should be reported regularly. Financial support of the Global Mission enterprise can be encouraged through WEF. Classes could host parties with costumes, food, and decorations of “their” world area. Follow with an informal discussion of missions and WEF support.

Involve the Pastor—Ask the pastor to preach a sermon on “Why Give to Missions?” (This would be appropriate several weeks in advance of an upcoming WEF offering or preparing for faith promise.) If your church has participated in Work & Witness, team members could provide a few exciting testimonies as illustrations.

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