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Parents’ Night Out

Submitted by dgbennett on Wed, 05/24/2017 - 06:10
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Parents can have childcare at a lower cost hiring a babysitter. They might be willing to bring their children to the church if they know the youth have organized activities and will be accompanied by adult sponsors. As payment for their services, the students can ask for a donation to Alabaster.

What needs to be done:

  • Ask the church leadership for permission to host the event at the church, setting up a date and time for the event (no more than three hours).
  • Find out what students and adults will help.
  • Determine as a group what activities should be provided (games, story time, simple crafts, watching a children’s video, snacks, etc.) and who will work with each activity. Don’t overtax your students; at the same time, have enough activities to keep boredom from setting in.
  • Promote the event, and have children pre-registered so you know how many children to expect. If snacks will be provided, it should be announced. Make arrangements to provide for children who have food allergies.
  • Remind helpers a few days in advance of what they agreed to do.
  • At the event, have parents sign in the children, noting if there are any allergies, etc., of which caregivers should know. Also ask for the name of who will pick up the children and for emergency contact information for the evening.
  • Students and sponsors, enjoy the time with the children.
  • Provide a container for Alabaster donations when parents pick up the children. Have the students ask the parents if they know about Alabaster. If they don’t, the students can tell about Alabaster’s ministry.

Gail L. Sawrie
NMI Editor


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