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Karnataka District Creates Easter Offering Boxes

Submitted by dgbennett on Wed, 05/31/2017 - 10:47
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Eurasia Regional NMI Coordinator Heidi Bowes wrote, “The Karnataka District in India created Easter Offering collection banks for last year’s offering. It went over well, and the results were fantastic.”

We contacted Joyce Jothi on that district, and she gave us the following explanation:

The NMI in Karnataka District kept working on various things, including promoting the giving of World Evangelism Fund. For this reason, the NMI bought plastic boxes and printed labels with adhesive on the back. The labels had a picture of Jesus on the cross on one side and the resurrected Jesus on the other side. On the top of the label were the words, “Easter Offering for World Evangelism,” and on the bottom the saying, “I gave my life for thee; what has thou given for me?” The local NMI presidents and the pastors distributed the boxes to the members (families) told them to bring the boxes to church on Easter Sunday.

We love to learn of the ideas from around the world in how you are helping your people remember that the World Evangelism Fund helps fulfill the Great Commission. Thousands of souls are counting on all of us

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