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Have a Heart for Alabaster

Submitted by dgbennett on Fri, 05/19/2017 - 12:46
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We had the Alabaster Offering on NMI night with a party for Jesus, emphasizing how giving money for buildings is a gift to Him. Our talented NMI monthly emphasis crew had an elaborate plan highlighting the theme “Have a Heart for Alabaster”.

Heart-shaped cookies were sold, and the money added to the Alabaster offering. Someone impersonate the biblical Mary and talked about ways one can continue to give love offerings for Jesus.

Doris Anderson
Retired Missionary

Editor’s Note: To promote the offering, encourage the people in your church (all ages) to take photos of heart-shaped items. They can make the items or find the heart shapes naturally. Either post the photos on a bulletin board, or incorporate them into an Alabaster PowerPoint presentation. Children and youth (who have not submitted photos) could be the judges to additionally involve them in the event.

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