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Giving to Missions Eurasia-style

Submitted by admin on Sun, 12/13/2015 - 19:49
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Several great ideas and profound thoughts on giving to missions were overheard at this year’s Eurasia Regional Conference recently.


One person said to a district NMI president, “There are so many missions offerings. How many must we give to?” The district president responded, “How many blessings do you want to receive from the Lord? The more we give, the more blessings we receive.”


When asked about their Easter Offering, a pastor said, “We only gave 150 rupees to missions, so we didn’t think it was enough to send in.” The district president replied, “If only 1 rupee is given to missions, send it!”


Last year was the first time NMI took the initiative to promote the World Evangelism Fund offerings on the India Northeast District, and missions giving has increased significantly as a result.


Creative ways to give to missions:

• Fruits, vegetables, etc., which are then sold at market price—India Northeast

• Make and sell doormats—India Northeast

• Prepare sweets and desserts for a bake sale with the proceeds going to missions— Lebanon and Germany Districts


Heidi Bowes
Regional NMI Coordinator Eurasia Region

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