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Focus on Giving— Ryot’s Kids Impact Haiti

Submitted by admin on Fri, 03/10/2017 - 00:28
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I wanted to report some awesome news from our spaghetti dinner for the Haiti Hot Lunch program.

ryotkidsThe kids at our church wanted to raise $350, so that they could support one school lunch program for an entire month by holding a spaghetti dinner fundraiser. At the end of the evening just before clean-up began, we counted the money from our donation barrel. There was a total of $657 in the barrel. Taking out our costs of $123 (we had many donations), our “net” proceeds to go to Haiti was $534!

The kids were so, so excited! I reported this to our congregation Sunday morning. By the end of Sunday School, an additional $171 was donated, bringing our total to $705! Can you believe how cool God is! The kids are able to support two schools an entire month. They couldn’t be more thrilled and—I think—a little overwhelmed until it really sinks in what they’ve accomplished.

Let me tell you, in the 6.5 years I’ve been at Ryot, I’ve never been to a function where the kids literally served those attending. The kids served like mad Saturday, and I couldn’t be more proud of them. They worked so, so hard; and you could see in the people’s faces how much that brought them joy. The kids never complained, never gave up, never rested the entire time.

I figure they served about 88 meals that night; and for 7 children between ages 5-12, that’s a lot of serving. And might I spills!

What we do here matters there!

Jill Gordon
Ryot Church of the Nazarene
Alum Bank, Pennsylvania

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