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Encouraging Your Local Congregation to Give Generously

Submitted by dgbennett on Thu, 06/01/2017 - 11:51
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Generosity is a biblical principle that reflects God’s love and mercy to us through His Son, Jesus Christ; and reminds us that the more we sow, the greater the harvest. Each of us has been blessed with the means to give back to God—even if that amount is less than we would like.

As NMI leaders, it is our desire to help our congregations make the choice to be generous. Here are some ideas that have the potential to germinate and blossom with generosity…

We have all been blessed with many things that are truly priceless—the gift of salvation, friends, the very breath we breathe, etc. Let’s have fun with some of the other things we have been blessed with and give a “Thank You, God” offering like this:

Encourage everyone in your congregation to make a list of material things they have been blessed with and are thankful for. Then ask them to give, based on the following scale:*

  • 5¢ for every song on their iPod
  • 50¢ for every app on their Smart Phone
  • $1 for every pair of shoes they own
  • $2 for every room in their house
  • $5 for every car they have

Do the same thing, but make a list of things other than material blessings. Ask them to give:

  • $5 for every child/grandchild in their family
  • $10 for good health
  • $25 for a job

You get the idea—come up with ideas that fit your local congregation.

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