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Compassion Tree for Christmas

Submitted by admin on Sun, 12/13/2015 - 19:15
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Compassion Tree for Christmas Many churches decorate a Christmas tree in their worship center or foyer during the Advent and Christmas season. This year, how about decorating a Compassion Tree? Instead of traditional ornaments, hang Child Sponsorship cards that have information about children who need to be sponsored. To get cards, follow these instructions.

  1. Contact the Child Sponsorship office by phone (800-310-6362) or e-mail them at and ask for hard profile cards you can hang on a tree. Child Sponsorship will make a reservation of children’s information (you determine the number of cards you would like), and they will print and mail the cards to you.
  2. You can then add a length of ribbon or yarn to attach it to the tree.
  3. Make a sign for the tree that instructs people how to sponsor children (see information below).
  4. Child Sponsorship will send paper profiles of the same children. When a sponsor chooses a profile card from the tree, they go to a table to complete the sponsoring process. They (or the person coordinating this) should find the corresponding paper profile card in the binder of all of the children’s profiles. Then they will fill out the application on the right-hand side of the profile. The person in charge will tear off the perforated portion of the application, keep that portion, and give the sponsor the rest of the child’s paper profile, which will include information not included on the hard profile card.
  5. After collecting all applications at the end of the promotion, the person coordinating this activity will mail the applications to Child Sponsorship.

Of course, every tree needs gifts under it. Ask individuals to pack Crisis Care Kits (CCKs) and School Pal-Paks (SPPs), then place them under the tree. Decorate the bags with colorful bows. After the holidays, box and ship the kits according to directions posted on the NMI site.

Begin promoting your Compassion Tree before the Advent season, so people will be prepared and have CCKs and SPPs packed. Pray for the children and families around the world who will receive hope and help because your people take the ornaments and respond generously.

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