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Become a Praying Church

Submitted by dgbennett on Tue, 06/06/2017 - 09:54
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The NMI Handbook & Constitution states, “Prayer is essential and strategic for the work of global evangelization. The Great Commission can be fulfilled as God’s people intercede and as churches become houses of prayer for all nations. NMI is at the forefront of encouraging Nazarenes to pray for global mission.”

If your church does not have an organized plan that is being utilized to pray specifically for global mission, pray and meet with your pastor to create or adopt a plan.

How to Start a Prayer Ministry for Missions in Your Church

  1. Pray! God desires that we pray; ask Him for direction.
  2. Meet with the pastor and seek his/her approval.
  3. Ask God to direct you to people who will initiate small prayer groups. (You might be surprised who He chooses.)
  4. Begin first with the people mentioned in #3, meeting together weekly to pray.
  5. Provide prayer requests from the Prayer Mobilization Line, Engage magazine, district prayer coordinator, and personal communication with missionaries and other global entities. (More resources can be found on the NMI Web site Click on “Praying.”)
  6. Publish global prayer requests via church media (video and print). (Be sensitive to those items from creative access or secure areas, and do not list them in printed form, on Web sites, or in e-mails. Such requests should only be mentioned verbally.)
  7. Involve teens and children by leading them to create prayer groups among their peers.
  8. Send urgent requests via e-mail, text messaging, or phone message. (Again, be aware of sensitive areas.)
  9. Encourage each person to follow your example, multiplying groups as God leads.
  10. Invite everyone to participate in prayer ministry for missions

Be the host church in your community for a designated prayer time weekly (come and go at their discretion). Organize prayer walks or prayer rides in designated areas. Include children and teens. Be a praying church!

A personal note regarding being a host church in the community: When we pastored in Morgantown, Kentucky, I felt burdened to call the community to prayer.

Our church was three miles from the town and across a river—not a prime location for what I wanted to do. My husband, Bill, was good friends with the pastor of the First United Methodist Church. I asked the pastor if their church would be willing to host the event, and he graciously opened the doors of their church from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. every Wednesday. I did all of the publicity—newspaper, radio (public service announcement), and letters to all churches.

Although the church was never full, there was a stream of people from a variety of churches (including the one and only nun) who came to pray each week. I provided notepaper/pens to write requests and also supplied a printed list of requests that had been submitted to me. The Lord blessed our prayer time; no “service,” just prayer.

Martha Bean
Central U.S.A. Region

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