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Alabaster Architectural Alphabet

Submitted by admin on Sun, 12/13/2015 - 19:42
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Last year a group from my church went on a scavenger hunt. With cameras in hand, we went looking for letters—letters found in architecture. It was kind of fun looking at buildings a little differently. We did find every letter; created by the structures themselves, in decorative moldings, and in the tiny details. Sometimes we had to twist our bodies in strange ways to get the picture we wanted.

At one point a whole family stopped and stared at me as I took a close up picture of a door handle, it was the perfect D. The fun of finding letters in obscure places and laughing about how we got the picture helped to build relationships. It was a fun afternoon for everyone involved. That got me thinking. Alabaster funds provide buildings, so why not go on an Alabaster Architectural Alphabet Scavenger Hunt.

You will want to find every letter, but pay close attention to the letters in Alabaster. You could use image-editing software to edit and combine them or print the individual pictures and mount them on poster board. Put them in frames if you have them. Display them around your foyer. See who finds the most creative letters. Maybe have a contest that is judged by church members.

However you display the letters, it will have a great way to promote Alabaster. Be sure you explain what Alabaster is, what the money is used for, and when the Alabaster Offering will be received. Above all else, have fun!

Darryl Bennett NMI Team

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