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12 Steps for Successful Faith Promise

Submitted by admin on Sun, 12/13/2015 - 19:15
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  1. Make Faith Promise the most important event of the church year. Create memories that will last.
  2. Invite inspirational mission speakers and missionaries to be your guests.
  3. Plan early and thoroughly, and pray fervently. Then, let the Lord honor and bless your efforts.
  4. Involve the entire church family. If people are involved, they own the event. Ownership guarantees success.
  5. Schedule three or more events during a Faith Promise weekend, if possible. Keep your speaker and people interacting and learning.
  6. Establish a captivating theme. Plan the decor, music, program, and activities around this theme.
  7. Promote, promote, promote well in advance.
  8. Develop the Faith Promise budget. Take a step of faith. Set a goal that challenges.
  9. Receive Faith Promise commitments during the service when you have the largest attendance. Build enthusiasm for reaching your goal.
  10. Celebrate success! Plan a service to praise God and rejoice in what has been accomplished for others.
  11. Track Faith Promise funds throughout the year. People need to see progress in reaching the goal.
  12. Pray. Pray first. Pray last. Pray daily. Pray often. Saturate your efforts with intercession.
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